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New England Botanical Garden Adventure

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

A VISIT TO THE NEW ENGLAND BOTANIC GARDEN AT TOWER HILL in central Massachusetts is a delightful respite from daily chores. It was established by the Worcester Horticultural Society on a farm in Boylston, MA.

2 women looking at tall yellow grasses and green foliage along walk way
looking at tall grasses

There are 18 distinct garden areas that include formal gardens, a vegetable garden, a woodland garden, a meadow, and an apple orchard of heirloom varieties. These are situated on one hundred seventy-one acres.

The entrance garden consists of a walk planted on both sides with a mix of native plants and ornamental varieties. It leads to the visitor center which includes classrooms, solarium, deli, and a souvenir shop.

2 women sitting on a bench under a flowering tree
lovely shade tree

There are benches spread throughout the many garden spaces for quiet contemplation.

turtle fountain in the middle of the gardens
turtle fountain

purple grasses and green foliage along the garden path
layers of foliage and grasses

low fountain in the middle of the path to add sound effects
Low fountain

A woodland garden with an alley of oaks and many herbaceous groundcovers.

gardens included vegetables such as these unusual black tomatoes
black tomatoes

tall red okra was beautiful with reddish stems and green leave and red vegetables
red okra

A vegetable garden featuring black/purple tomatoes and red okra.

vertical garden painted a picture with beautiful textures of different foliage and colors
vertical garden

The gardens are full of ideas, like building a wall planting

purple lights add son color to this green shrub when it is not in bloom
purple lights

Or adding sparkle to evergreens when not in bloom with tiny colorful lights.

Touring a botanic garden is a great way to energize your gardening spirit after dealing with a summer of ups and downs in your own garden.

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