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Bert's Garden is a small family business under the umbrella of Trustworthy Merchants LLC with a desire to bring quality garden products to the home gardener.

Right now most of our products can be found on Amazon and we hope to soon sell on other sites including our own!

The brains behind Bert's Garden, writer and purchaser for Bert's garden business

Owner and Purchaser

for our gardening line with his 30+ experience in home and commercial gardening.  He taught Horticulture and landscape design at Temple University, has partnered in authoring a book about large trees.  After that, he was ready to get his hands back in the dirt. Bert then went to spend many years growing perennials in a small local nursery.  He practices what he loves now in his own garden and will be offering his advice on our Bert's Tip page.  Other than Bert's garden his next favorite job is being a grandpa to 4 beautiful grandchildren and 6 grand-puppies

Jane head of customer service at Bert's Garden

Customer Service

Our head business adviser and Amazon Manager. Jane had many different jobs from teaching to sales all while raising 4 children.  Now she is applying her job and life experiences to our family business.  Bert's Garden is our brand of hand selected garden products but we also sell other products under the umbrella of Trustworthy Merchants LLC. on Amazon. Jane is known to many as Moms or Mimi.  When she isn't working for Bert's garden you can find her in the kitchen baking delicious goodies from scratch to share with loved ones.

Ruth Thomas is the daughter of Bert at Bert's Garden

Marketing Manager

Advertising, creative marketing, and salesRuth taught Art for over 10 years and has a background in photography as well.  Now she works from home for Bert's garden so that she can be available to her children. She oversees all of our advertising, as well as creating this website, and creating our listings on Amazon.  When she isn't working for Bert's garden you can find her outdoors, taking photographs and spending time with her family including her bunnies and her dogs.

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