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Bert's Tips

5 Tips to Create an amazing garden path!

1.  Decide on a starting place and a destination. The starting point can be accented with bollards, plantings, or perhaps a light

2.  Decide on the purpose of your path.

  • A direct path moves people through the space quickly; it most likely will be straight with a focal point to attract attention (like an entrance door or gate)

  •  A path can be a journey across an open space or through a garden.  This path may direct the visitor under a canopy, between or around trees or other major plantings. It is a journey to enjoy. 

3.  An entrance path must be wide enough for two to walk side by side (minimum of 4 ft).

4.  Plan your planting beds along the length of the walk. These beds must be narrow and low enough that people can step over it;  or the planting may be wide and tall enough to create a barrier.  Anything in between will end up with people walking right through your planting area.

5.  Use perspective to create an illusion!  This was my secret to this path.  To make the path look longer I spread the stepping stones a bit farther apart as they got further from the gate and closer together as they got closer to the gate!  Look closer

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