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Wild Flower Bonanza

at Oconee Station.

Mayapple as far as you can see!

Not far from Devil's Fork State Park is Oconee Station. A trail leads from the road through a many natural clusters of various wild flowers. Here the forest floor is covered with Mayapple. The Mayapple has an umbrella-like leaf. If the there are two leaflets on one stem, look close and you will see a flower bud (or white flower, or fruit). The foliage will disappear by late summer.

Below are Jack-in-the-pulpit and Wild Geranium. These can be found along the trail but not in great abundance.

Masses of Trillium

Trilliums are found in abundance along the trail.

There is NO picking or digging allowed. Most of these wild flowers can be purchased at a Native Plant Nursery. They are pricey because they are not easily propagated. Once established in your woods, they are well worth the price.

Wall Garden?

Along the trail we came across some large upturned trees. This collection of plants had been growing at the base of the tree which recently fell. The tree may die but not these little fellas, at least not yet.

Waterfall at Oconee Station

A wonderful surprise at the end of the trail.

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