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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Table Rock Tea Company is a fascinating place to visit. They grow and process tea right here in north western South Carolina. Tea leaves come from a camellia plant, not the ornamental camellia in your yard. This camellia is Camellia sinensis, commonly called Tea Plant. It is a shrub or small tree, evergreen, with small white flowers 1” to 1.5” across that have yellow centers. While it is grown for its leaves, it is a handsome evergreen plant that can be easily be kept as a hedge.

Only the tip of new growth, the newest two leaves, are picked to make tea. These are lighter green than the older leaves, and each tip is hand-picked.

The flowers are left to go to seed. In the fall the seeds are

collected to grow new plants in the greenhouse. The seedlings are grown under 50% shade. When the plants are planted out, they are planted in dappled shade. They are long lived plants perhaps a hundred years!

If you are familiar with north western South Carolina, YES! That is a view of Table Rock as seen from the Table Rock Tea Plantation in Pickens, SC.

And last but not least, a cup of tea! Delicious, rich flavorful tea! So many great stories that brought this amazing couple to growing a tea farm that we can't share them all! If you get a chance, go and visit your local farms for great inspiration and a day out of the office or house. It will be worth your time for a breath of fresh air! #tablerocktea #tablerockteacompany #teaplant #Camelliasinensis

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