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When should I start my seeds?

Updated: Jun 13

What seeds should we start early inside?  What seeds can wait and be planted in the ground? Some research is required to answer these questions.  Read the seed packet as it can give you some hints.


What seeds should we plant outside early?  Varieties that are cool season crops.  For me in the piedmont area of SC, that would be leafy greens, carrots, radish, onions, peas.  Of these the only ones I would start inside are leafy greens and onions if I’m growing from seed.  Onion sets will go directly in the ground.  I will plant carrot and radish seed directly in the ground because they are root crops.  Transplanting root crops is difficult because the tap root (no matter how thin) must be planted straight down or I will end up with a crooked carrot

If your seeds are warm season crops such as beans, tomatoes, watermelon, they are best planted out after danger of frost has past.  So do I start these indoors early?

*If it takes a long time to produce fruit such as tomato or watermelon, start the seed early inside then transplant after the last freeze.

*If it does not take a long time to develop fruit, such as beans, the seed may be planted directly in the ground after the last frost date.

So, there are many things to think about when deciding when to plant inside or outside.  Researching how the plant grows will help a lot.

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