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All about Daffodils!

Yellow and orange daffodil with narcissus
Yellow and orange daffodil with Narcissus in the background

How to care for your daffodils

1. When daffodils get over crowded, they may stop blooming. Simply dig and separate.

2. Daffodils need part to full sun, if they are in too much shade, they may not bloom.

3. Stop fertilizing them! heavy fertilizing will encourage leaf growth, but not flowers.

4. As soon as the daffodils fade snap the dead flower off before a seed pod forms. By removing the potential seed pod, the bulb will form more bulbs and your clump will grow larger.

5. Leave the foliage to make food for the plant. When the leaves fade they may be removed. This is true for many bulb plants like tulips, and hyacinths also.

yellow daffodils in blue vase
bright yellow daffodils

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