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Travel the North Atlantic Coast

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The Maine coast is very rocky. Among the rocks we found Rosa rugosa, Beach rose in flower and with ripening fruit.

From Maine we travel into New Brunswick where we found these growing along the roadside: Queen Ann's Lace, Goldenrod, and Tansey. In St. John, New Brunswick, we found colorful ornamental plantings of many annuals. Following are some samples.

A ferry took us to Digby, Nova Scotia, where we found many flowers in the fields, some native and some ornamentals still growing in an abandoned garden

In Annapolis Royal we visited the Historic Gardens there, which were beautifully manicured with many annual plantings.

There were also some permanent plantings; an extensive rose garden, and a mixed perennial border and a knot garden.

Some plants of special interest were this small globe like dahlia, variety 'Rebecca Lynn' and this purple and white hydrangea with fuzzy leaves, Rough-leaf Hydrangea (H. aspera)

The Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens are a must see for any gardener.

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